Bravo Ready raises $ 3M for BR1: Infinite Royale NFT game

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Bravo Ready has raised $ 3 million to develop BR1: Infinite Royale, an endless royale fighting game that uses non-fungible signals (NFTs).

The smart game uses a “win-to-ear” mode, where players play for money to enter a battle royale game and receive tokens for each kill they receive.

The name is married to NFT technology and smart contract automation. Investors will include Solana Ventures, 6th Man Ventures, Shima Capital, and Fractal CEO Justin Kan. The money will be used to extend the game and software development.

BR1: Infinite Royale is a shooter about trouble, where players pay $ 1 to boost the game. They can earn tokens on Solana’s SOL crypto currency for every kill they receive.

“Once you start focusing on what you’re doing in a game, you’re never going to have the same level of happiness if you don’t always have that level of financial crisis,” Evan Ryer said. CEO of Montreal-based Bravo Ready, in an interview with GamesBeat.

“This is not just a new game – this is a new way to play. It re -establishes the financial side of the player, ”Ryer said.“ Our mission is to be at the bridge of the best games that people want and a business model that will create value for the players. universal owner, whether you are a player, member of the public, developer or publisher, the BR1 ecosystem is designed to drive innovation. and pay attention to everyone while establishing a high -level gaming experience. ”

The Montreal company has 18 employees and started about two years ago when the disease began. The company was announced.

Research ideas

BR1: Infinite Royale is an endless warlord.

“We at Solana Ventures are very proud to support Bravo Ready and BR1: Infinite Royale, one of the first shooting games to go live in Solana,” said Justin Barlow, a senior team at Solana Ventures who led the deal for BR1 and that is. studying the BR1 group. “BR1 has introduced a full -action game that redefines the rules of royal combat and integrates established NFTs with high -quality graphics and graphics. We look forward to supporting you.” Joining the BR1 team on their mission to bring Solana games to the public.

“Combining problem-solving tokenomics with NFT keywords and assets, BR1 is redefining the way blockchain-enabled gaming is and raising the much-desired industry standards. “said Yida Gao, partner at Shima Capital, in a statement. . “We don’t often see a good ship’s product like the BR1 and we’re excited to roll up our sleeves to support the founders and the entire company at its stage of growth.”

Serge Kassardjian, a senior partner at 6th Man Ventures, said in a statement, “We are happy to return BR1 because the gameplay and economy are not the same as what we have seen. and in the play-to-loan ecosystem to this day.The interest in the community is amazing, and it has only been extinguished by the desire of the founders of the game.They are building a new and exciting path. also to change combat games, and we couldn’t be more excited to see this team build and change the game-to-find game.

How it all started

Bravo Ready has around 18 employees.

Ryer earned a bachelor’s degree in history but he wasn’t crazy. But he put thousands of hours into the game. One of his customers hired him to secure a Bitcoin mine from a primary credit card.

“When I was younger, I had this opportunity to buy a bunch of photo cards for pens in cash,” he said. “And I’ve tried to build a cloud -based gaming solution and come up with these great ideas. And let me tell you, I’ve been fed up with things like Google Stadia and Shadow and GeForce Now. I’m not. came out with the skin on my back.

He then started a group with his best friend where they found out how a player works in video games and they could choose their career with paid wages. The gaming company grew from its basement to the Toronto Stock Exchange and sold it to React Gaming.

“It’s a really good experience,” Ryer said.

He used the money to start a Web3 game company called Bravo Ready.

“This company was founded on a real value concept that was lost in video games when I was growing up, which was water and essentials,” he said.

He grew up playing games like World of Warcraft and RuneScape. But the problem with these games is that things aren’t really small. They’re not right, he said. There was no way for the agencies to keep the large number of copies of the sword, and there was no way to get the property.

“I hate that I spend thousands of hours on these games, and I get this way that I build or these things and it’s a waste of time,” he said.

How the game works

BR1: Infinite Royale has no start or end time.

The company released the alpha version of its game in January, before releasing another NFT.

There is no time to start or end the game. You pay to spawn and you start at the edge of the map. Up to 300 players can sit on the map. You are making your way to the center to see the best access to weapons, ammo, and equipment. The topography affects your ability to return to the side, and therefore enhances players ’awareness of the center of the map, where real stealing and shooting begin.

When you finish off another player, you get their spawn payout or more than 10% of their pool. When you graduate, you save 85% of your income. Then you have to pay for the renewal.

The game doesn’t start or end because players can shoot at any time, and the map is a huge island that supports hundreds of players to shoot on the sides and create their path to the center. The survival game offers new features from other players with minimal availability of items such as weapons, ammo, equipment or equipment, but in the center of the island where they meet a high level of players and equipment.

One of Bravo Ready’s major innovations is a word production pipeline that creates an endless number of independent words. Using an appropriate method for arranging the fun elements, colors and designs, each mesh in the pattern is given its own unique combination. Once those letters are created, the collection finishes and assigns those letters into the game for each NFT owner.

Will the players go?

BR1 is a game that will take you to the center.

It’s not the best shooting game, but it’s about tough players.

Ryer said he thought a lot about why hardcore gamers oppose NFTs and consider them scams. He believes that older gamers are still playing video games, but they are looking for more fun – the way to come with financial problems. His game is designed for them.

“This is a new kind of game and the weight of education,” he said. “If I see it there, in terms of the value of my thinking time, I want to create financial problems and get into it. When it comes to the game we’re building, it’s “It’s designed for an older demographic. We realize we’ve got the burden of taking on real players.”

Next year, Ryer hopes to give crypto developers ease of use when it comes to wallets and other technology problems that will keep people from playing now. .

NFTs combine a variety of useful features. The company will sell 10,000 NFT to allow players to participate in the games. You can rent one of these NFTs and enter a game for the price of 10 cents. It has a very low rent, as low as $ 1 entry fee. People with more operatives can hire them to other players, and they get a fraction of the money. It creates excitement for the game and helps find the user, he said.

“Other players can come and play my game. And you’re getting paid to help them accomplish that,” Ryer said.

To help grow the game, the company has made several alliances with player guilds in the blockchain game space.

“If you’re good at this game, you get paid to play,” Ryer said, knowing this would be a good job for the rivers. “Your audience wants this to be a money -making game.”

Jon Cohen, CTO of Bravo Ready, said in a statement, “In a Web3 game, the game always has to come first and the economics support the game. It’s about delivering real value. for the time that gamers devote to video games that those who want to spend their time playing that game every day or every week.Without a fun game to please the general public, the best economy will fall under the lowest demand.

Ryer makes the difference in the game.

“No one has seen a game like this before,” Ryer said. “And our game is your heart is pounding outside of your chest. You develop something like you like playing poker in your aces tail bag right away. The only difference is if you lose this hand, you save 85%.

The game tracks your earnings and sends them to you immediately. It’s like an old arcade machine that spits out tickets. The map is large enough for 300 players, and so there is a 50-person small freemium version that the team uses to get users.

The company is using the Solana blockchain because it is more energy efficient and can handle more customers. As for the players, Ryer said there are no players at the moment. They are like speculators and NFT buyers.

“We have the burden of taking real players into the air and we’re happy with it,” Ryer said. . “We are at the border. This is the country that currently stands for Web3 games.

To play the game, visit

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