Best NFT Projects of 2022 • Apes, Art & More

Some non-fungible investment funds have become more successful than cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin in recent months. Celebrities among the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Jay-Z and Justin Bieber have sold NFTs and posted them on their Twitter profiles, increasing the demand for small tokenized images.

Considered the best NFT investment of the past year, Bored Ape Yacht Club released its first collection of NFTs in the spring of 2021. Taking one day to sell for around $ 200 alone, the Bored Ape is worth about $ 400,000! Not only this, but Ape Mutant Apes and ApeCoin holders have been released just to get their Apes, which is a total of $ 250,000+in cash. While most NFTs do not show similar returns, it is an important example of how NFT financial returns if done correctly. Learn more about the NFT craze and how you can start investing today.

Excellent NFT systems

It is important to do your own research before inserting non-fungible agents. These projects are hard to materialize, and many NFTs are liquiquid, which means you may have a hard time selling your collection in the future. Because an NFT is not a valuable asset –– it must have the benefits of some kind to make it an asset. This can include events, debates, or artists with a fixed clout in the NFT ecosystem. Unsurprisingly, many NFT programs fail, leaving publishers with no JPEG value.

CryptoPunks – Larva Labs

CryptoPunks was launched in 2017 as one of the 1st non-fungible token projects in Ethereum. Each punk is created, and collectors are limited to 10,000 Punks. Human Punks are the norm, but there are other types of Punks. There are 9 Alien Punks, 24 Ape Punks and 88 Zombie Punks. Alien Punks raised over $ 10 million in sales.

Latest Alien Punk Sold: $ 8.06 million

Axie Infinity

Axies They are the ones used to play the famous game Axie Infinity. You need 3 Axies to play the game, so the cost of Axies will increase. Prices vary depending on their features, but you can pick them up today for about $ 200.

Luuluu ʻApe Yacht Club – Yuga Labs

Luuluu by Ape Yacht Club it is similar to CryptoPunks these NFTs are often used as online avatars. The program features motion pictures that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the best price for Apes is around 140 ETH ($ 400,000). Less than a year ago you were able to get your hands on an Ape instead of 1 ETH, making this class 1 of the fastest NFT collectors in the industry. Since its inception, BAYC has released Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFTs, which have floor prices of 10 ETH and 40 ETH, respectively. . The Bored Ape Yacht Club also offers unique events for signage owners, including a private concert featuring The Strokes and Lil Baby in New York City.

Bored Ape Yacht Club sold for 400 ETH ($ 1.3M)

First enter the NFTs

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Meebits – Larva Labs

Meebits released by Larva Labs – the same company that created CryptoPunks. At the time of release, Meebits was trading at about 2.4 ETH. Today, prices range from 5 ETH to 100s of ETH, due to the rarity of the Meebit. Meebits are used to use the metaverse, because they are 3-dimensional characters that can be used in global blockchain applications.

Proof of Beautiful Buildings

Proof of Beauty a new NFT project about documenting and celebrating the history of the Ethereum blockchain. Proof of beauty’s first NFT, HASH, allows users to take personal and historical blockchain operations and turn them into beautiful NFT graphics. From Vitalik’s first Ethereum marketing to the purchase of Jay Z’s Cryptopunk, Proof of Beauty’s algorithm has integrated marketing metadata into color palettes, styles and textures. Proof of Beauty’s Beauty, LONDON, has a sale of 8,888 generative pieces. The London NFTs were available during the crisis, and the first step taken after the improvement of the EIP-1559 was to purchase a London NFT. The verification of beauty starts with the Ethereum history, and then they create their own.

NFT Lands Metaverse

Real land It is one of the most common ways to generate nonfungible symptoms. The most powerful true ecosystems 2 where you can buy and sell land of Decentraland and The Sandbox. These platforms allow you to make money in your country by developing your real estate, and some investors have made casinos, amusement parks and NFT museums to make money in their country. . Others will only buy this real land as a reasonable price to sell over time.

Check out our guide for the best metaverse metrics, or head -to -head comparisons in Decentraland vs. The Sandbox.

Ka Hui Yacht Mutant Ape – Yuga Labs

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club follows the Yuga Labs smash hit, the Bored Ape Yacht Club. While Bored Apes are being held hostage by celebrities and investors, mutant apes provide an easier way to enter the same network.

There are a total of 20,000 Mutants, with a handful of “Mega Mutants” with price points as ~ low ~ as 3,000 ETH ($ 9 million). The Mutant Apes are delivered to Bored Ape Yacht Club members by air. All 30,000 cuts (offensive and mutant) were awarded in the first entry to the NFT Adidas “Into the Metaverse” series which is now being resold for 5x the retail price. It costs to become a member of the company, and investors see the value of MAYC with a price tag of around 35 ETH ($ 100,000).

What are NFTs?

To understand the nature of non-fungible symptoms, you need to learn the difference between fungible and non-fungible properties. Commodities are things that can be directly exchanged for each other, such as an ounce of gold, a Bitcoin, a barrel of oil or the US dollar.

Non-fungible properties are properties that cannot be exchanged for each other. Some non -essential items include plots of land, photographs and business cards. By displaying non-fungible properties on the blockchain, users can verify the authenticity of the property they are purchasing. Currently, these assets are purchased through NFTs digital collections, graphics, and in -game content, but there is no limit to future applications for NFTs.

It is important to note that a non-fungible spray has no value on its own. The value derived from NFTs comes from the media associated with it. For example, CryptoPunk NFT has the same value as CryptoPunk, and a region in Decentraland will derive value from the location and size of the land in the virtual world.

Are Tokens Non-Fungible a Bubble?

NFTs are going to be looking for big money. At the time of writing, the lowest CryptoPunk you can get your hands on costs you around 75 ETH, and the Bored Ape Yacht Club is the best to get you back at over 100 ETH. These “class” prices are for the smallest pieces on the market. If you want a high level Alien or Ape Punk, you need around 2000 ETH (about $ 6 million).

With these high prices, it’s hard not to see the potential for a bulge. However, some see these NFT collections to be a very fun business in the future. With hundreds of millions of sponsors to them, programs like the Bored Ape Yacht Club can throw free yacht parties, private concerts, and more for ape owners. In addition, owners of IP rights have their apes, and companies such as Happy Dad Hard Seltzer and Diamond Supply Co have sold.

How to buy NFTs

The best place to buy nonfungible tokens is on OpenSea. This NFT market has non-fungible tokens for sale, and you can buy all the aforementioned NFTs through the platform (except CryptoPunks). To purchase a CryptoPunk, you must use the Larva Lab website.

To use OpenSea, you need 2 things: an Ethereum wallet and Ether tokens. The best Ethereum wallet to use with OpenSea is MetaMask. It’s easy to set up through Google Chrome and easily connect to websites through your Chrome browser. If you do not have a cryptocurrency exchange account, you will need to create a place to purchase Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency converter for Ethereum

Since Ethereum is the currency most commonly used to buy and sell NFTs, you need to buy one on a cryptocurrency exchange. One of the most stable and stable exchanges that supports Ethereum is Coinbase, Gemini and eToro

Fractional section of CryptoPunks

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a CryptoPunk, Unicly is a site where you can buy parts of a collection of 50 CryptoPunks. While you won’t have a Punk to exchange with Twitter, this is a great way to get acquainted with NFTs without breaking the bank.

To use Unicly, you need to attach your MetaMask (or appropriate ETH wallet) to its website. From there, you can purchase these pieces, called uPunks, with Ethereum tokens.

Cryptocurrency Markets

From what we know so far, NFTs often appreciate when cryptocurrency volatility is low. Because non-fungible signals are sold with Ethereum, investors want to notify ETH when the price appreciates, so someone buys their NFT to get more information. Conversely, when the ETH goes down, the prices of NFTs often go up in the same way as Ethereum, because most investors today care a lot about the financial value of their input. For new cryptocurrency prices, check out our crypto table below.

How to properly manage NFTs

If you are going to invest a lot of money in CryptoPunk, Meebit or other NFTs, then you need to consider a secure payment solution for your tokens. Although MetaMask was considered safe, people hacked their accounts because the wallet was connected to the internet.

A tight bag is the result of this. Secure wallets like the Ledger Nano S sell thousands of cryptocurrencies, with nonfungible tokens. These keep your cryptocurrency offline, so your money can’t be stolen online.

The future of nonfungible signals

People are really involved in increasing their wealth, whether through luxury watches, exotic cars or now, NFTs. Nonfungible signals provide a new way to verify the authenticity of rare and expensive items, making it easier for everyone to understand that you have spent thousands of dollars on a JPEG.

Popular programs may survive for a long time, but there’s a lot of hype surrounding NFTs right now. If you plan on investing in NFTs, make sure you do your own research and spend only what you can afford.

Note: The authors found non-fungible samples in this article. Be sure to do your own research before making investments with your hard earned money.

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