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NFT is a relatively new market, but you may have noticed that the most popular NFT collections are expensive. For example, the cheapest NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht Club program is selling for upwards of $100,000. Thankfully, there are many ways to get involved with NFTs if you’re looking to invest small amounts of money.

In this article, we will present the smallest NFTs that can start your journey of collecting or trading NFTs. The NFTs we present are available less than 1 ETHwith a price range below that.

To be clear, you should not expect to get rich by buying these NFTs, because the NFTs presented in this article are usually the right reason to buy them. For example, many of the NFTs we have shown are from collections that contain a large number of NFTs. In such scenarios, a small number of NFTs with uniform characteristics capture the most value, while NFTs with common characteristics have a low price.

The best NFT programs are worth buying

If you are not sure how to start investing in NFTs, we provide a complete guide on the subject. If you already know the basics, let’s start with our list of the best NFTs you can buy today:

  • CryptoKitties – An outstanding NFT collection
  • Axie Infinity – One of the most popular blockchain-powered games
  • Gods Unchained – An advanced trading card game using NFTs
  • Artists at fxhash – Explore a variety of artists
  • NBA Top Shot – Collect licensed NBA highlights
  • The Sandbox – Buy a piece of land in the metaverse

1. CryptoKitties – A very important NFT collection


If you’ve been around the cryptocurrency space for a while, the name CryptoKitties might ring a bell. CryptoKitties is a blockchain-powered game where users can collect virtual cats and breed them to create new CryptoKitties.

The game has a collectible aspect, as there are four main types of CryptoKitties: Normal, Fancy, Special Edition and Exclusive. Each CryptoKitty has 48 different genes that determine its appearance and influence its reproductive outcome.

Launched in November 2017, CryptoKitties was the first NFT collection to go viral. In fact, CryptoKitties have become so popular that they have a visible impact on the Ethereum network, which is struggling to regulate everything related to CryptoKitties transactions that are trying to put out.

After this initial surge in popularity, interest in CryptoKitties has largely subsided. However, the project is still alive and well and is still an important part of the NFT community.

CryptoKitties are very easy to start, as they can be obtained for a very low price. At the time of writing, regular CryptoKitties have a floor price of 0.0028 ETH on OpenSea, and premium CryptoKitties start from 0.01 ETH. So, if you’re looking to collect some NFTs without breaking the bank, CryptoKitties is definitely worth a look.

2. Axies from Axie Infinity – One of the most popular blockchain-powered games

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-powered game inspired by CryptoKitties, but takes the idea to something more by expanding the players rather than focusing on the collection.

In Axie Infinity, players collect and raise creatures called Axies. Axies can be assembled into teams to fight with other players in a game of strategy that can be described as Pokémon meets Hearthstone.

Axie Infinity has seen a massive increase in popularity in 2021, and its AXS indicator has reached a high of $163. During this period, Axie Infinity was often advertised as a “game to earn” game, as players could earn tokens by winning battles and completing searches. However, the stock market has suffered serious flaws, and the price of AXS is down about 95% from its peak.

Today, the Axie Infinity project is more focused on attracting players through the game than it is about earning rewards. New players can get some free Axies to start with, and there are also many cheap Axies that can be bought in the markets. For example, you can buy an Axie on the Axie Infinity market for as little as 0.00082 ETH at the time of writing.

3. Gods Unchained cards – An advanced trading card game using NFTs

Gods who are not bound

Gods Unchained is a trading card game (TCG) that uses the Ethereum blockchain to display cards with NFTs. In addition, Gods Unchained uses the GODS token as an in-game currency and a way to represent project management rights. While most other digital TCGs are closed, Gods Unchained players are free to buy and sell their cards as they wish.

Cards from Gods Unchained can be purchased on the Gods Unchained market. The prices of the cards vary depending on their game and size. However, many cards can be obtained for as little as $0.01.

If you like NFTs and like games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, Gods Unchained is definitely worth a look. The game was well received in terms of the quality of its gameplay, an aspect that is often neglected by the developers of blockchain-powered games.

4. Art NFTs on fxhash – Find a variety of artworks


So far, we have presented 3 types of NFTs that are tied to blockchain-powered games. Introducing fxhash, a platform for generative NFTs on the Tezos blockchain.

When it comes to the combination of generative art and NFTs, most people think of Art Blocks. However, the collections released on Art Blocks are more expensive, especially the Curated styles.

At fxhash, you can find a mix of generative artworks from a variety of artists, from the well-established to the obscure. Usually, the artist will create a generative art algorithm and put a limit on the number of NFTs that can be minted.

Users can view the type of artwork created by the algorithm—if they like the products, they can pay the price determined by the artist and create an NFT. Users never know exactly what they will get, because the algorithms produce a different image every time.

If you want to browse around, you can find some very interesting generative art on fxhash that can be booked for a very low price, in some cases as low as 0.5 XTZ. So, fxhash is a must-see if you’re looking to collect some NFTs and support artists along the way.

5. NBA Top Shot – NBA Top Shot – Collect the most important NBA licensed items

NBA High Definition

NBA Top Shot is a platform where users can collect video clips from the NBA and trade them with others. Important things, called “time”, are represented with NFTs on the Flow blockchain. NBA Top Shot was developed by Dapper Labs (aka CryptoKitties) and is licensed by the NBA.

While some NBA Top Shot NFTs can be quite expensive, many of them can be collected at a bargain price. Some moments can be bought for as little as $1, but you shouldn’t expect to find rare moments at that price. However, you can get thunderous dunks and impressive displays of dribbling for just a few bucks. This includes highlights from top players like Steph Curry, Anthony Davis and Trae Young.

If you love basketball and want to bring your fandom to the blockchain, highlights from NBA Top Shot could be worth considering as cheap NFTs to invest in.

6. Land Sandbox – Buy a piece of land in the metaverse

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a 3D world where land and other assets are represented with NFTs. The Sandbox is one of the most popular metaverse projects that uses crypto and blockchain technology to bring a new dimension to digital power. If you’re looking for metaverse wealth, Sandbox might be one of the best NFT projects to invest in.

The Sandbox has partnered with several celebrities and brands such as Snoop Dogg and Adidas to create experiences in their world. Players who own land in The Sandbox can create their own experiences, for example mini games that players can enjoy. Additionally, landowners can participate in management and have access to SAND staking and financing options that other players do not have.

In terms of floor price, the Sandbox land NFT is the largest NFT featured in this article. At the time of writing, the floor price for Sandbox land NFT is around 0.63 ETH. The value of land in the Sandbox depends on several factors, especially the area.

The bottom line

So, what is the best NFT to buy if you are looking to invest small amounts? The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For example, we know that there are many NFTs associated with blockchain-powered games that you can get your hands on cheaply. However, there are ways to collect images from small artists who sell their work on NFT platforms.

If you’re thinking about NFTs as an investment, it’s better to find a cheap NFT to buy than diving straight into the deep end by investing in coins. great. Collecting cheap NFTs will show you how the NFT markets work, how to properly manage NFTs and other important ideas that will give you a step forward in your NFT investment journey.

Although this article is about the smallest NFTs, there are also some NFTs that sell for a lot. The most expensive NFT of all time was sold for less than $70 million.

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