BBVA Spark, the new banking group for high growth, new businesses

BBVA Spark starting in Spain and Mexico with the goal of increasing innovation and promote the growth of groups that define the future through innovationtechnology features and a design that will soon reach new markets.

“These companies are using a lot of equity money from private investors. Mostly because they are in the early stages of development, but because of the lack of a financial sense. At BBVA, know. we had a great time inside going along with these high -growth companies”said David Puente, Global Head of Client Solutions at BBVA, during the BBVA Spark presentation.

To accomplish this right, BBVA has developed a full offer which has influenced different aspects of the lives of these businesses – from their early stages to where they have grown into a large company. That is provide an independent marketing experiencefor it has its own network of private funds and consultants, fully dedicated to this sector.

“We want it to be global bank for high -growth companies with a clear goal: building long -term relationships with these customers, ”he said Roberto AlbaladejoPoo or BBVA Spark.

So, depending on what level they are in, companies can participate in BBVA’s entire product portfolio (fees, charges, cards, insurance, etc.) and specific currency they should. This is based on a model that compares the authenticity of these customers and can find a way to look ahead to evaluate businesses.

Specifically, BBVA Spark will add new financial products to its offering, including Business debt. This product is common in other markets with a large business ecosystem, such as Silicon Valley, because businesses can access financial resources and reduce the dilutive effect on intoxication derived from personal equity funds.

“We are leaving the product controls of BBVA at the discretion of our customer.”

BBVA Spark’s offering for high -growth businesses is available at high levels, with specific financial products such as growing loans. They give jobs to do library programs, such as entering new markets or executing corporate agreements. BBVA Spark too give advice for M&A activities and IPOs, supported by BBVA’s ability to raise funds. “At BBVA Spark, we offer BBVA’s product capabilities to our customers, allowing us to serve them from their inception until they become large companies and then be served by our team. business associations and financial institutions, ”the global business organization. description head.

These types of money making and advice provided by private organizations to support businesses in key areas of their development.

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