Argent and StarConnect join forces for new startup studio

Crypto wallet Argent’s latest partnership with the StarConnect blockchain will allow developer teams to build startups on the next layer-2 network.

New Startup Incubator – Hito Studio

The upcoming Hito Studio, born out of a partnership between Argent and the StarNet Foundation, will fund creators and developers looking to launch the StarNet blockchain. Speaking about the initiative and decision to work with Argent on this project, Diego Oliva, CEO of StarNet Foundation, said,

“We have achieved significant milestones in enhancing the performance and scalability of Ethereum on Starknet. However, to achieve widespread adoption, it is also important to encourage the participation of numerous teams in developing products that solve significant problems and provide meaningful value to users.”

Support, separate funding for Hito startups

Argent co-founder Itamar LeSuis believes the time is right to strike iron, as significant progress has been made in the industry to address scalability and user experience concerns.

he said

“Argent is a company that’s razor-focused on creating real use cases in crypto that help improve people’s lives, and thanks to StarConnect’s recent technological innovations, we’re seeing more ambitious founders doing the same,”

Thanks to the existing infrastructure, the Argent wallet and UX platform are ready to use. Startup incubators will also provide other necessary infrastructure that an upcoming startup needs, including legal support and recruitment.

The project is already receiving support from other teams on the StarConnect network, such as the NFT marketplace, Unframed, and the decentralized exchange, Ekubo.

Lesuisse also revealed that a separate fund consisting of millions of dollars has already been allocated to several projects, such as NFT verticals, DEXs, derivatives platforms, options and lending, which can demonstrate the various capabilities of the Starknet network.

StarConnect is trying to increase user activity

The two companies have partnered for some time now with Urgent Wallet being the wallet of choice on the StarConnect blockchain. The latest Quantum Leap update in July was groundbreaking as it significantly increased the transaction rate per second. Soon after, the team also launched its “AppChains” framework to allow developers to build several application-specific blockchains within the StarNet ecosystem.

Its work with Argent to launch Hito Studio is another step in boosting user activity on the StarConnect blockchain by offering a layer-2 solution to truly expand Ethereum’s capabilities.

LeSuisse says,

“We’re surfing on the growth of StarNet, which is really where the work happens for us. Growing the ecosystem is more important than growing Argent’s market share.”

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