AITX is releasing NFT based on RAD’s excellent sale a

Detroit, Michigan, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., (OTCPK: AITX), today announced that it will soon launch a non-fungible token (NFT) program. The first release of the NFT program is based on ROSA, a security robot developed by Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), a subsidiary of AITX.

All of the in -house graphics were created by AITX’s team of graphic designers. NFT honors ROSA, RAD’s best seller according to NFT. The Company expects to announce major orders and announcements in the coming months and years.

“I am very happy to report on this project. It was considered unique, and I guarantee it will be fun, “said Steve Reinharz, CEO of AITX.” I can guarantee that this will open new doors for AITX and the community. “

NFT is a certified asset using blockchain technology, a network of computers that locks transactions and gives customers assurance of authenticity and accountability. The current boom is mainly for digital assets, including photography. NFTs perform independent digital imaging, and are therefore commercially viable.

“If we can build on the massive energy that exists today in the AITX community and embrace NFT, I plan on filing a formal document with FINRA to put a king on board. Kind of the next NFT road map, ”Reinharz said. “It’s possible to change this other way of funding how businesses can make more money while providing benefits to investors, without having to use traditional business trees, banking or lending. Making new pieces. “

Sales of NFTs will rise by more than $ 17 billion by 2021, according to data from the NFT data center, up 21,000% from a total of $ 82 million by 2020. The most popular segment of NFTs still to collectors, estimated at $ 8.4 billion in value.

Customers at ROSA NFT will have an independent blockchain -certified platform built in the form of a security platform that takes security and economic services (#PROPTECH) to the forefront. It was announced at the end of February 2022 that RAD was ready to build 1000 ROSA units to support new increases in demand.

To view more details about running the ROSA NFT, please visit, and please subscribe to the AITX Community Discord at aitx

AITX filed for OTCQB registration. Announcements will be made regarding the status of the OTCQB application.


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AITX is innovative in providing smart solutions designed to empower organizations to gain new knowledge, solve complex problems and inspire new business ideas. Through its next-generation robotic products, AITX’s RAD, RAD-M and RAD-G solutions help companies streamline operations, increase ROI, and improve business. AITX technology enhances the simplicity and economics of tour and security services and allows skilled workers to oversee planning activities. Clients increase the capabilities of existing employees and gain high levels of quality knowledge, all at a significantly reduced cost. AITX solutions are suitable for use in many industries such as industry, government, transportation, critical industries, education, and healthcare. For more information, visit,, www.rsafe and and, or follow Steve Reinharz on Twitter @SteveReinharz.


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