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• Keep a 40 percent commitment book on pre -hospital levels
• Having access to independent leadership in an independent watch service and management center
• A 15 to 20 percent increase in revenue when the company releases results on August 9

Investors don’t often see a positive moment in earning gold, however H&T (HAT: 345p), a nonprofit financial services company, offers exactly that. The leader in UK pawnbroking has released a new pawnbroking update before the end of next month, the results of which are far from over.

First, demand for pledged loans continues, so H & T’s pawnbroking volume has increased by 26 per cent to £ 84.2 million this year and more than the forecast of £ 83 million a year. end of the year included in the estimates of the real estate agent Shore Capital. In addition, there is no sign of time lag with current literature at historical levels and 40 percent above pre-pandemic levels. The cost of living crisis is starting to have an impact on consumers who are financially secure, and then borrowing can increase in this niche market segment. Analyst Gary Greenwood estimates the book will be close to £ 100 million by the end of the year.

Importantly, it is easy to compare debt and wealth, stock prices are stable, and the price of sterling gold is still high-up 11 percent year-on-year and just seven cents a shame. the height of all time – a factor. also supports the high purchase of gold, and at high margins. In addition, the return of competitors from high unsecured debt will lead to more lenders to pawnbrokers.

Second, H&T announced the acquisition of Swiss Time Services ’smart technology, a leading independent watch management and maintenance center that serves more of the company’s watches than their counterparts. sales. The watch division accounts for 12 percent of the pledge and 15 percent of the retail sales, and is a growing part of H & T’s business. By taking the work in -house, H&T is able to raise limits and provide maintenance services to its customer base. Greenwood hopes to be able to provide tax -free income in its first full year, a good return on a market value of £ 4.3mn.

It’s worth noting that in -store sales have been “consistently strong”, driven by high demand for high watches as a commodity, improving stock levels and systems. Much better. In addition, while millions of vacationers are once again flying into the air, the rate of exchange has increased and is back close to pre-pandemic levels.

Greenwood expects to improve its current years for an average of 32.2pe 15 to 20 percent, showing a revenue growth of 78 to 85 percent. Also, expect a further increase to the 2023 EPS estimate of 40.8p, indicating a promising high at the start of 2023 and a 12 -month forecast from acquisition. In this case, the units buy the first PE chains of 9 (2022) and 7 (2023), and give reasonable separation yields of 4 and 5.2 percent, respectively.

The price of H&T has increased by 13 percent since I put the pieces in mine 2022 Retail Sales, and I increased my goal from 400p to 425p. Purchase.

Simon Thompson was named Writer of the Year at the 2022 Small Cap Awards. He will retire until July 18.

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