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The rise of non-fungible cryptocurrencies has been one of the most unexpected events since cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology first appeared. Nowadays, many people make, buy and sell them at Solana NFT stores and take full advantage of this growing industry.

NFTs can be found on a variety of blockchains, and Solana is an example. Solana is a new feature that is comparable to Ethereum’s NFT leader, which hosts the majority of NFT platforms. However, Solana’s low prices and versatility are rapidly changing the NFT marketplace to its liking.

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NFTs are located on the blockchain, where owners have full control over them. However, people rely on markets that are easy to buy and sell. Markets serve as a hub, hosting collections and connecting with customers and vendors.

9 Solana NFT Sales

Selecting high -end Solana NFT markets comes down to their specific collection; the fees they will pay; the resources they have for manufacturers, suppliers and customers; and the unique communities they nurture. There are so many options, and these nine are some of the best today.

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1. Year

DigitalEyes is a major open source NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain and was the first marketplace to be released. It provides a stable platform for users to develop, sell and sell NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The platform features a wide range of leading and new NFT collections.

Among the high trends provided by the mint calendar threshold, it indicates upcoming NFT movements. This gives customers access to a level of intense competition, where among the first users can lead to new sales revenue and free opportunities to purchase the best NFTs.


  • Total number of collections
  • Range of wallets supported
  • easy -to -use site


  • Unimpresive 2.5% third service
  • The new royalties

2. Metaplex

Metaplex is an intuitive NFT marketplace that takes a different path from the others. Users can develop their own custom stores where they can display the NFTs they are trying to sell, as opposed to the collection method used by other markets.

In terms of pricing, Metaplex is among the top Solana markets. Unfortunately, users can enter the market with the Phantom wallet. But the lack of a wallet option is not a problem for many smart NFT collectors who use multiple wallets.


  • Free shopping options for collectors
  • There are many unique Solana NFT collections
  • Great show


  • Control bank options

3. SolSea

SolSea is a Solana NFT marketplace that provides manufacturers with specialized tools for developing and maintaining their collections. The platform allows manufacturers to insert licenses into NFTs during minting, allowing for the precise and thoughtful integration of the operating license.

This market provides a helpful calendar for buyers to monitor new NFT moves and sell them in the future. Unfortunately, SolSea earns a discount of over 3% on NFT sales. This price may be higher than some other options, but SolSea has unique features that can justify that price for many manufacturers.


  • Standard license options
  • Many new collections are available
  • More power for manufacturers


  • It costs more than average
  • Disagree

4. Solarart

Solanart is one of the top Solana NFT markets with some of the most sought after collections, including Degenerate Ape Academy and Aurory. It’s easy to use the platform to search and find interesting collections that users don’t know about.

Solanart has good bottleneck support with a wide space, although it is the one that Solflare cares most about. This site has a higher-than-average salary of 3%, although its offerings are just a good thing to justify that price.


  • There are many choices of collections
  • There are many banking options
  • Navigation is an easy threshold


  • It costs more than average
  • Additional fees from manufacturers

5. The magical Eden

Magic Eden has a huge market share and is at the forefront of the top Solana NFT markets in terms of user numbers alone, with more than 10 million independent visitors. It is a favorite of many users and also maintains its own free collection called Magic Ticket.

There are over 7,000 collections on the platform, including Okay Bears and Degen Dojo. It has one of the most reasonable rates at 2% per transaction.


  • Low wages
  • Main course
  • Intuitive design


  • Adding to the wallet
  • His fame draws many copies

6. Artz.ai

Artz.ai is a separate Solana NFT marketplace, unlike the centralized nature of most of the others on this list. This decentralization can provide NFT owners with power and independence while also providing a fair solution to the problem of NFT dismantling.

It earns reasonable dividends at only 2%. In addition, the list is free, which creates a thriving market with many collections. Decentralization is a hot topic in every crypto application, which is why Artz.ai is taking a big picture.


  • Low wages
  • Segmentation market
  • Control over NFTs at all times


  • Limited credit card support
  • The trade cannot be changed

7. Hoololi.Art

As the name suggests, Exchange.Art is a Solana NFT marketplace with a strong focus on graphics and tools. The platform is more focused on independent operations than on what has been done that has come to define many NFT markets.

Its costs are typically around 2.5%, and it gives photographers the ability to easily develop their custom graphics into NFT collections. This results in a wide range of navigation tools and ways to organize collections.


  • There are many examples of truly independent filmmaking
  • Good tool support


  • The higher the number, the lower the collections available
  • Not the best support for customers

8. Alpha.art

Alpha.art is a Solana NFT marketplace with a number of independent collections available, including the Piggy Sol Gang collection. In fact, this collection allows users to save their NFT to earn money.

The threshold has the right bottleneck support and the right rates at 2%. It may have a whole new look behind the big stores, but there are many unique features of Alpha.art that are worth a look.


  • Reuse staking in NFTs
  • Some independent collections
  • Pay right


9. Solport

Solport is a market with some new collections. An example is the Taiyo Infants/Incubators collection, which shows NFTs growing from newborns to babies as they go.

The threshold has reasonable rates of only 2%, with reasonable bottleneck support. It has a lively community, with Telegram and Discord channels dedicated to the platform and its NFT collections.


  • Recent and related collections
  • Pay right


Take Hope

The complexity of the NFT ecosystem has increased significantly, and the development of new markets will encourage competition. With such competition comes innovation and time from high -demand platforms, and NFT customers need to be prepared to try multiple platforms to see which Solana NFT markets best suit their needs.

Information is due May 13, 2022.

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