5 Companies that claim that the value of Metaverse is a hot red

It seems like everyone is finding their way to the metaverse. This non -profit organization has a multitude of famous names and brands. But the amazing thing is that most businesses are doing their home from home there.

Metaverse’s value is constantly heating up, and new business opportunities are announced almost daily. Here are some of the businesses with a seat that are seen as a strong indicator of how hot the metaverse market is.

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1. Acura

As for Acura, who owns the Honda Motor Company (HMC -0.99%)It is not the first brand to enter Web3, it is the first to build a museum on the metaverse platform. Decentraland (MANA -4.75%). It’s a showcase for upcoming car lines, complete with an arcade of car games.

The neon-clad black house is a spectacle from the street down the street. The first cars can be locked to an Integra NFT.

2. CVS

According to some registration documents currently released to the public, Hello CVS (CVS 0.56%) intends to sell to redistributable customers, such as NFT, for “types of customers … If his program is similar Walmart‘s, this could be a metaverse order for home delivery, a receipt requested by a grocery store, and some restaurant chains.

According to CNBC, CVS also expressed its interest in accessing telehealth through the metaverse, including in the areas of non -medical health care and food and health services.

3. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder (EL -2.34%) Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week made its metaverse debut during Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week, with something like a big bottle of a well -known and popular product: Advanced Night Repair. It also allows NFTs to introduce avatar users to a “Radiance Aura,” which the company describes as “a twinkling constellation of glow and magic.”

The future isn’t clear, but the field is wide open for avatar -related fans, giving Estee Lauder an independent career opportunity.

4. forever 21

Fashion Week is a popular time for new brands to announce their metaverse debuts, but Forever 21 has been experimenting with similar metaverse venues since December, when it began experimenting in the gaming platform by like me metaverse. Roblox. After that knowledge, the company became more confident about participating in Fashion Week events. His store shows the possibility for an avatar that can be purchased as an NFT with real money.


Not everything in the metaverse is fun or enjoyable. Global financial services provider HSBC (HSBC -0.57%) combined with a growing list of major banks in the included metaverse JPMorgan Chase with his land acquisition at The Sand Box. While there is a limited amount of funding planned for this area, HSBC said it intends to “create new brand awareness for new and existing customers,” which can include in e-sports, as an HSBC stadium that is heavily advertised to advertisers (however. nothing is built on the site as of this writing). Given the current lack of information, it is difficult to imagine whether HSBC will be an anchor for other industries or a stand -alone platform. .

Why do these activities apply to metaverse publishers?

The metaverse isn’t something we can touch or feel – given – and it’s silly to go shopping there for bank advice, telehealth, or cars. Because we’re not used to the idea, and most people don’t know how to actually do it and they jump and look around.

But that’s the reason, isn’t it? The metaverse and the platforms within it are nothing more than a desolate land with no kind of buying from users, new and old. While the metaverse itself is a new concept, we can look at the Second Life proto-metaverse platform to see the importance of the community’s perception of the value of similar places within the metaverse.

Second Life has been in operation since 2003, and while it is only a fraction of the many Decentraland or The Sandbox metaverse platforms, it continues to have a daily median, or number of those playing at the same time, 39,647 users and 66,555,327. registered residents (e.g. March 28, 2022).

The more companies that come in and develop great content for users to interact with, the more people will do that. Or they’ll stick and build fun content for themselves, turning the metaverse into an endless advertising tool.

It increases the opportunity for investors, too. They can build rental properties such as kiosks or billboards, or land in large areas that can be rented to large signs looking for their way to the market. metaverse for the first time.

The idea of ​​the community found in Decentraland before it appeared on anyone’s radar was that it was bringing in big businesses, and the reality of these businesses was trying to maintain. in that culture, before they get it, it is they who get what they get. bill. They keep people coming, sitting around, and putting heart into these sites. The sustainability of the world you invest in is an important part of what creates long -term wealth and appreciation for investors.

The growth of big names in the metaverse is a great opportunity for publishers, especially those who come close to the ground floor. With each new information entered into the metaverse, the value of the finite number of property areas will grow, just as it would when a new community is built in the real world.

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