3 Top Metaverse Sales to Sell in April

The metaverse is an emerging concept that is expected to explode in appreciation of its inclusion in so many ways – including play, education, work, and fun – because it can virtual avatars interact with each other in a three -dimensional digital world. .

According to the third page, the global metaverse market could increase by a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43% by 2030, to a total of $ 1.6 trillion. There are many ways that people can use this time that is coming up.

Roblox (RBLX -6.88%), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD -3.02%)a Qualcomm (QCOM -2.77%) Three teams that could win big from the metaverse. Let’s find out why.

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1. Roblox

The metaverse is a 3D world where avatars of real people living in different parts of the Earth interact. Metaverse users can attend a concert, a sporting event, or go to college. Roblox creates these 3D virtual worlds.

The company reports an average of 50 million people come to its platform every day so they can “play, learn, talk, explore, and expand their interactions across millions of 3D digital worlds. user -generated, built by our community. of millions of strong developers. ” The Roblox Studio platform can create and create 3D visuals, which can be done by users with the help of the Roblox Client platform on their smartphones, computers, gaming consoles, and virtual reality headsets.

As it turns out, Roblox has built a huge database of users and developers that helps it make good use of the metaverse. The company had 55 million daily users in February 2022 and 29 million developers on its site, creating virtual experiences. What’s more, Roblox employed users for 41.4 billion hours on its site last year, up 35% from 2020.

These impressive metrics explain why Roblox is the choice of popular businesses looking to enter the metaverse. From concerts to car shows to virtual stores, Roblox has drawn a wide variety of players to the virtual world.

As such, Roblox is in a good position to make the most of the growth in demand for virtual worlds, and this should help accelerate the growth of the industry. Revenue will rise by 108% in 2021 to $ 1.9 billion, and analysts expect that time will continue.

RBLX Earnings Forecast for the current financial year chart

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With Roblox trading at 12 trading times now as much as last year’s 36, this is a good time for investors to buy this metaverse win.

2. High -Performance Micro Devices

Providing metaverse information, such as virtual worlds, to millions of users around the world at the same time creates a huge burden on data servers. It is expected that building the metaverse will require the kind of data center system that is not currently available, supporting the transfer of high-bandwidth data consistently.

Advanced Micro Devices is one of the companies trying to solve this problem. Meta Systems He is building what is called the world’s fastest supercomputer to handle machine learning and natural language editing techniques to strengthen the metaverse. AMD will provide 4,000 of its Epyc servers for the Meta supercomputer. The chipmaker has already supplied 1,520 Epyc processors for Meta’s supercomputer, with the rest expected to be ready by the middle of the year.

Meta Platforms believes the work done with its latest supercomputer “will pave the way in building the technologies for the next big computing platform – the metaverse, where applications and AI -led products. ” Therefore, AMD can be an option-and-pick that plays on the metaverse that offers building blocks.

The company can see a significant increase in demand for its graphics cards and the centralized processes used in data centers to support the growth of the metaverse. As a result, don’t be surprised to see that AMD’s data center business – which is on fire right now – continues its hot growth in the long run.

The data center industry accounted for about 25% of AMD’s revenue last year, with revenue from this sector doubling by 2020. AMD won the new industry to support high -computing applications and supercomputing applications, which explains why the industry intends to address this segment. enter 2022.

AMD expects 2022 revenue to increase by 31% to $ 21.5 billion thanks to strength across its entire business. Even better, analysts expect 30% annual revenue growth from the industry over the next five years. The inclusion of catalysts such as the metaverse can help increase the growth of AMD and send its value increasing significantly in the long run.

3. Qualcomm

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon systems are known for the power of phones. The company will hold a 30% share of the mobile app market by the end of 2021. And now, Qualcomm is pulling the strings to ensure that one of the top players in the metaverse and with its chips pointing to real -life reality (VR.) and augmented reality (AR).

Qualcomm has won a major victory in the market for headsets with Meta Platforms ’Oculus Quest headsets. The first Oculus Quest headset was powered by the Snapdragon 835 mobile VR chip, followed by the Oculus Quest 2, which uses a basic Snapdragon XR2 chipset. The partnership with Meta has given Qualcomm a head start in the AR / VR headset market. That’s because the Quest 2 was the best selling headset last year with a market share of 78%.

The Meta company offers Qualcomm a good opportunity to drive the growth of the AR/VR headset market which is set to accelerate in the long run. IDC estimates that 50 million heads could be shipped by 2026, compared to 10 million units last year. Qualcomm hopes to strengthen its position in the headset market as Meta’s upcoming Oculus Quest 3 is expected to be powered by the chipmaker’s Snapdragon XR3 processor.

What’s more, Microsoft He also pressured Qualcomm to develop custom components for use in light AR lenses running metaverse applications. In addition, Qualcomm is investing in the software side of things with the Snapdragon Spaces platform, to help developers create AR applications for use with a wide variety of mirrors and headers available. can be applied in many ways.

Qualcomm’s move to the metaverse could help it add a different dimension to its growth. The company posted a 30% annual revenue increase, to $ 10.7 billion, and a 49% annual revenue increase, to $ 3.23, in the first quarter of fiscal 2022 (ended on December 26, 2021). Analysts expect 15% annual revenue growth from Qualcomm over the next five years as the industry could perform better than catalysts such as the metaverse kick in.

All of which makes Qualcomm a tempting technology to buy now that it’s trading 16 times after making money, which is better than ever. Nasdaq-100A total of 33.

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