3 Highest Metaverse Sales to Buy in February

The metaverse is defined as the new version of the web, or Web 3.0. It shows the combination of real -life, social media, and gaming technology creating a 3D power of the system, and, according to Bloomberg Intelligence, an estimated $ 800 billion potential.

Investors looking for good metaverse assets need to consider the leaders in the core technologies (e.g., virtual reality, social media, and games) that are needed to bring the metaverse to life. that’s why Alphabet (GOOG 0.14%) (GOOGL 0.15%), Lawe-Elua Interactive (TWO 0.32%)and Facebook parents Meta Systems (META 1.40%) Three main candidates to consider now.

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1. Alphabet

Investors don’t have to chase oddball technology trees to make good returns. Think of the metaverse as a growth spurt for leading technology companies that have the critical assets that these activities need. If the metaverse is a 3D power of the web, it’s hard to think of a better business than Alphabet’s Google, which has been a gateway to the web for years.

Alphabet has a net worth of $ 139 billion in cash for cash. One of the most important technologies he has developed over the years is augmented reality, which is featured on Google Maps, but he has a deeper interest in metaverse technologies.

CEO Sundar Pichai said during the crackdown that blockchain was an area of ​​interest for Alphabet. The blockchain is a system of computer networks that verify all the transactions that take place in the digital industry, which is growing. “On Web3, we’re looking at the blockchain,” Pichai said. “only [as] For example, our Cloud team is looking at how they can support our customer’s needs through construction, production, asset management, and delivery. Launching new products on blockchain platforms. So let’s keep a close eye on the sky and support it where we can. “

Alphabet holds the keys to the internet, and is spending billions to protect that competitive advantage when the metaverse arrives. It’s a low -key way to invest after this time.

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2. Lawe-Elua Interactive

Investors need to consider a high -end video game store. These activities employ thousands of people to do one thing: create immersive, digital environments where players want to spend time.

Over the past five years, Take-Two has grown to more than 5,046, and continues to invest in high-level project talent such as $ 233 billion in business. video games continue to expand.

Take-Two grand theft auto The franchise is seen with a basic sense of what the metaverse can do on the digital fun side. It has sold 160 million copies to date. The game is famous for its online Multiplayer feature that acts as an open-world sandbox. Players complete in -game activities to collect gifts while chatting with friends, and they spend a little money on things in the game with fun. Take-Two’s customer revenue, or revenue in the game, is more than three to $ 2.3 billion from fiscal 2017 to fiscal 2021 ending in March.

Revealing the opportunity for Take-Two, Meta Platforms has recently announced that Take-Two’s Rockstar Games studio is expanding. Main Train Station: San Andreas run on Oculus’ Quest 2 virtual reality hardware.

There’s a long-term prospect for a high-end game developer like Take-Two. This high-value game serves as a sustainable, shared world to become a major asset and provide fuel for Take-Two shareholders.

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3. Metaphors

Meta’s acquisition of Oculus in 2014 and its recent decision to separate its display units into a family of real -time software and labs (the metaverse) will make it the leader of the web industry. a no-brainer technology to consider here.

In 2021, the real labs division generated a total operating loss of $ 10.2 billion against $ 2.2 billion of revenue. While that’s not a good reason to buy the stock, the loss reflects CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s intention, not to mention Meta’s financial ability, to include this growth period.

Except for Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, there is no greater supporter of the metaverse in the business world today than Zuckerberg. During the Q4 fundraiser, he said, “We are investing in the basic technology and software needed to build an immersive, embedded website that enables better personal experience. more than anything else today. ”

Meta promotes Avatar software developers for Unity system developers at Quest and Oculus Rift real machine. His partnership with the NFL will allow users to associate their avatar with licensed costumes digitally showing how Meta has positioned itself as a major advertising channel in the metaverse for products. digital, as well as the way Facebook and Instagram serve as a key key for brands. spread to billions of users on these sites. The metaverse is another extension of Meta’s continued efforts to monetize its social media platforms.

Meta Platforms is an excellent metaverse asset, considering its 2.8 billion daily active users across its family of apps and its potential to access billions of dollars in the first place to capture a Large part of a time $ 800 billion.

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