3 High Metaverse Stocks ready for Bull run

The current market crisis has diverted investors from looking at some of the cultural and technological megatrends. But those trends continue, translating into opportunities for publishers to look ahead to the noise.

Another important megatrend is looming in the metaverse. It’s a market that Bloomberg Intelligence estimates will grow at an average annual rate of 13% by 2024, when it will sell at about $ 800 billion.

Let’s take a closer look at three names that have been beaten with a little bit of detail on the metaverse field. These small stocks, of course, can grow into large investment centers as the metaverse market grows.

1. Nvidia

You may see Nvidia (NVDA -4.33%) as a tool in the graphics process used to attach a computer to a computer screen. The same technology uses a set of artificial intelligence techniques. But the metaverse? What does this group do to help build the world’s most virtual meeting places?

Of course it’s a good intuitive technique. A virtual world doesn’t have to be a network of computers – the metaverse is first and foremost an informational relationship between metaverse users. Ideally, the world should be able to quickly output computer graphics to a set of glass lenses used by the user. Nvidia graphics card software is perfect for the job.

In fact, he had a plan for it. It’s called the Omniverse. Launched by the end of 2020 and well -supported with other developers of newly released engineers, the company calls Omniverse a “scalable platform for the integration of 3D and scalable multi-GPU, real-time, true-to-reality simulation. ”

In other words, if you want to build a virtual world, you can use the Omniverse to create it.

Omniverse is considered to be more collaborative than fun, and more functional as a developer and/or prototyping tool. Its primary users are businesses that are looking to design a virtual product or process rather than risking resources solely to end up with an unintended outcome. Nothing to say, however, that the technology cannot be scaled up and serve fun uses.

It’s a very small part of Nvidia’s financial team right now – so the company didn’t break down the numbers, instead focusing on its data center solutions. In this light, Nvidia is not fully qualified as a stock metaverse.

That is rapidly changing, however. In January, Nvidia announced Meta Systems (NASDAQ: META) – The company formerly known as Facebook and the company that leads the metaverse payment – is buying 16,000 Nvidia -built A100 devices designed from the ground up to handle data creative work. Most of the work is expected by Meta to build its own metaverse platform, reflecting the expectation that Nvidia will become a leading metaverse brand. Now, earning reliable money from its other established businesses such as data servers, video games, and business models is the reason why the company’s metaverse operations don’t have to be accelerated. These other features, of course, could help Nvidia chips transform themselves now rather than in the future.

2. Microsoft

Nvidia isn’t the only metaverse stock on the screen here. Microsoft‘s (MSFT -1.18%) The stock price has fallen 27% year on year to date, offset by the bearish wave of the open market. When investors see that this company’s sales will increase by 18% this year and 14% next year (because the world isn’t ready to give up its computer) or the software they run), however, the retrieval can be changed as a purchase. .

Microsoft’s entry into the metaverse nation is similar to Nvidia’s, though not the same. While Nvidia’s Omniverse is the bulk of the development platform, Microsoft Mesh is a turn-key product intended to allow users of Microsoft Teams to interact with each other. Mesh can help co -workers come together in product design, but the company says its main goal is to train “the look of the eyes, facial expressions, and techniques that make you shine. kind of.” The company is building the user technology needed to make the most of Mesh as well. Its HoloLens are enhanced lenses rather than full immersive lenses, designed to help team members see and communicate with construction, engineering, and healthcare professionals.

Mesh and HoloLens expect more business than single customers, although it is unlikely that this basic technology will be able to enter the hands of customers to increase its user experience. . Microsoft’s new Xbox game consoles can provide a truly immersive experience with three -dimensional VR screens. Combining the two different classes into a metaverse-minded gift is a short jump.

Like Nvidia, Microsoft’s current metaverse revenue is so low that it’s not detailed in its quarterly reports. Like Nvidia, however, it’s not a bad thing. The software and revenue generation began to build a new company before Microsoft’s metaverse operations began to produce significant results.

3. Matterport

Lastly, integration Matterport (MTTR -10.05%) to your list of metaverse files that are ready for the bull run after a major restore.

Matterport does not have a last name. Of course, with a market cap of only $ 1 billion, most buyers may not have heard of it. The three names reviewed here, however, are the purest metaverse game.

In simple words, Matterport makes 3D cameras and related equipment, as well as the software and web hosting needed to enhance its portfolio. Its powerful fabric transforms real interiors into searchable digital rooms. That’s why the real estate industry is so supportive of technology – home buyers can look at a home without it. Those who can use his solutions, but almost never. Consumers, insurers, and writers and engineers are realizing that he can see how easy it is for tasks to be completed remotely.

While it’s one of the few clean metaverses playing out there, you’ll find that it’s much better than Microsoft or Nvidia. That is, Matterport is not necessary. It improves in this way: Revenue is expected to grow by 15% this year rather than accelerating to a whopping 41%, which will improve this year’s loss of $ 0.49 per year. a small loss of $ 0.37 in 2023. A company is experiencing losses 10 years into the year. nevertheless, his life is a name by which he is bound by a short chain; This is probably the main reason why it was so easy to return the pieces when the whole box was launched earlier this year.

It’s only got so much upside that can be overlooked after its recent pullback, however, with analysts collectively more bullish than not on it, and saying the average is $ 9 per the division. That’s more than double the current price of $ 3.85.

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