3 best sites to rent your NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have become a necessity for every crypto enthusiast. Unfortunately, the most popular NFTs are overpriced.

What if you could enjoy an NFT and its benefits for a limited time at a fraction of the cost? This is what NFT brokers offer. Anyone can rent their favorite NFTs, enjoy the features, and provide additional income for the NFT holder.

Here’s a look at the best platforms that support NFT investments.

What is an NFT investment?

NFT leasing is the process of issuing a specific NFT for a predetermined period of time. NFT rental gives the owner of the NFT itself the opportunity to donate and enjoy the benefits for a limited time.

Lender and borrower connect through a smart contract to protect both parties. This gives the borrower access to the NFT and its benefits. The lender earns from passive NFT income earned through rentals.

The best NFT trading platforms

There are dedicated platforms for NFT rentals to simplify the rental process for users. Most platforms offer rented and/or unrented NFTs. Here’s a look at three of the best NFT trading platforms.

1. Vera

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Vera is a decentralized lending and mortgage platform for NFTs. The platform allows NFT holders to list their NFTs on its market with fixed exchange rates. In addition, Vera offers rental and non-rental NFTs. It is available on the Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon blockchains.

Vera offers users the opportunity to own their favorite NFTs through mortgage lending. The platform offers two types of mortgage financing: retail financing and equity financing.

The broker allows users to buy an NFT and pay for it in installments. The fund can buy NFT using a loan from Vera, with the loan and interest paid over time.

Vera secures its users’ NFTs during lease with Lien technology. This prevents the NFT that the mortgage is borrowed from being burned and transferred from the borrower’s wallet. It has a control token, $VERA, required to access the Vera DAO.

2. Trava

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Trava is a decentralized marketplace for chain lending. Its NFT market allows users to rent NFTs for its classic game, Trava Quest. Users can participate in regular NFT transactions.

Its market registers each NFT with the amount and duration of the loan. Trava is built on the BNB Chain blockchain, allowing it to offer users low transaction fees. Trava’s lending protocol helps players earn money without having to pay a lot of money on NFTs to start playing.

3. reNFT

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reNFT is one of the NFT lenders. Its marketplace, in partnership with Rarible, offers an integrated rental protocol. Its lending protocol allows people on the Ethereum blockchain to rent NFTs from each other.

NFT lenders send their NFTs on the platform with a predetermined fee and duration of the loan. In addition, borrowers can rent an NFT using the smart contract protocol. reNFT acts as an escrow service between the NFT provider and the borrower. This ensures transparency and protection in the NFT trading process.

What is the Point in NFT Rental?

NFT trading is a convenient way for people to enjoy the payment benefits of NFT ownership. In addition, some NFTs offer their owners access to exclusive content, merchandise, game upgrades, tickets, and other benefits.

Borrowers can enjoy these benefits with the additional benefit of short-term mortgage. It’s like renting a DVD from a website, watching the content, and returning it.

NFT rental is here to stay

NFT rental has opened an opportunity for those who are looking to enter the web3 NFT ecosystem but do not have the financial means to buy NFTs.

Through auctions, users can explore an NFT before deciding to buy. Lenders will benefit from the rest of the income. This allows for an expansion of the NFT ecosystem, allowing room for greater participation.

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