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NFT vs. Cryptocurrencies

The concept of digital signals or cryptocurrency is part of the digital transformation that is taking place in today’s economic world. Now, we have NFTs. NFTs are non -usable controls of digital signals, which means they are a single property, indicating the rights to the digital images, but not in the original process from which the NFT was acquired.

It is easy to confuse cryptocurrencies with NFTs. The two “symbols” and the two are seen as valuable assets. NFTs are cryptographically digital assets, i.e., each of them is visible in the blockchain. They can sell, but each NFT will have its own value, depending on supply and demand. NFTs often display photographs or collectors, which can range from photographs of wounds to sports collections.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are often used to buy NFTs. That is, they can be exchanged for each other and each symbol depending on the value of the same symbol. Just as money in the physical world can reside in many different currencies, the digital world has many different cryptocurrencies. In general, NFTs are available from certain markets where they are required to use a blockchain-specific protocol. Therefore, purchasing an NFT on OpenSea (a member of the Ethereum network) requires Ethereum’s fungible WETH certification, and purchasing NFTs on Decentraland requires its MANA fungible certification.

WETH and MANA are the cryptocurrencies used to buy NFTs. NFT and NFT signals have a lot of popularity, so the two hold interest for investors, but they are very different.

10 NFT high in value

Here are the top 10 NFTs in value, up for sale through December 18, 2021. Keep in mind that the list will change frequently.

1. The Merge ($ 91.8 miles)

“The Merge”, by an artist named Pak, was sold by a group of nearly 30,000 collectors on December 2, 2021. It was the only top seller to be sold by a group. team than man.

2. Every day: The first 5000 days ($ 69.3 mil)

5000 photos

Daily: The first 5000 days


“Every Day – The First 5000 Days” is the product of Mike Winklemann, an artist called “Beeple”. This JPG file shows a column of images created by the artist one day at a time since 2007 and is often seen with the onset of demand for NFTs. The “Everydays” NFT was purchased on March 11, 2021, at a Christie’s store by a Singapore-based cryptocurrency broker who paid for the operation on Ether (ETH-USD). The customer has only a digital image, no physical material to go with it. The sale of Winklemann, a Florida -based graphic designer, made the world famous and made him one of the world’s largest selling artists.

3. Someone ($ 28.9 miles)

“Human One” is a physical and digital production. It is described as a “kinetic video sculpture” and consists of four video sculptures on anointed aluminum metal, a mahogany tree and two media centers. The physical examination included a digital examination. It was sold for $ 28.9 million on sale in November 2021.

4. CryptoPunk #7523 ($ 11.75 miles)

“CryptoPunks” occupies some places on the Top-10 list of the most important NFTs. Due to the initial availability of 10,000 of them made (different sizes and computers made). They were initially independent but gained significant value by repurchasing. Nine of the first aliens were named ‘COVID aliens’ because of their appearance and were the most sought after and expensive.

5. CryptoPunk #3100 ($ 7.67 miles)

One of the alien CryptoPunk series put it in the top-10 list after it was bought by the wholesaler of DraftKings, a gaming-related company that offers NFT memorabilia.

6. CryptoPunk #7804 ($ 7.57 mil)

“CryptoPunk #7804” is another ‘alien’ who has a hat, uses black glasses, and blows a pipe.

7. Road ($ 6.6 miles)

“Crossroads” is a Beeple production, this sold out a few days before Everydays. The film is about the 2020 presidential election. The artist has previously created two powers: one if Donald Trump wins and the other if he wins.

8. A Coin for the Ferryman ($ 6.03 mil)

One of the first pieces, “A Coin for the Ferryman” was created in 2018 by an artist called XCopy. It became famous when it sold for over $ 6mi in November 2021. Its GIF style is unique, even among NFTs.

9. The Ocean ($ 6 million)

NFT sea front

Kai Moana


“Ocean Front” is a new Beeple production on the Top-10 list. It describes the climate change strategy.

10. CryptoPunk #5217 ($ 5.59 mil)

“CryptoPunk #5217” is an ape with a hat and gold chain, which is a valuable feature by CryptoPunk fans.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies used in NFT markets

Below are the top 5 indicators used in NFT markets as of Jan 26, 2022.

symbol Priced in $ US Makeke Cap
Decentraland MANA $ 2.10 $ 3.8 without
Theta Network THETA $ 2.92 $ 2.92 without
Axie Infinity AXS $ 52.12 $ 2.89 without
The Sand Box $ 3.05 $ 2.8 without
Tezos XTZ $ 2.83 $ 2.46 without

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Choosing the best path for you

Investors buying NFTs or cryptocurrencies as an investor want to understand the difference between the two and see the latest in the world of investment goods. For both, there is an unlimited price history, no guarantee that a market will continue for them, and no proven source of income. Therefore, they should be viewed as a speculative asset whose value is highly relied upon as they appeal to other investors over time.

NFTs deliver themselves through a variety of online platforms, with updates coming out all the time. Some, like OpenSea.io and Rarible.com, have a wide variety of NFTs available on their website. Others may have access to certain products. LarvaLabs.com, for example, specializes in CryptoPunk NFTS and the Marketplace at DraftKings.com specializes in sports -related NFTs.

Advice: Keep in mind that NFTs can be made and sold by anyone and there is no regulatory market for them. Once you have one, you need to keep it in a safe place and there is no guarantee that you will be able to buy it later.

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