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Here are some of the top NFT markets right now.

1. OpenSea

OpenSea is the leader in NFTsales. OpenSea has all the digital assets available on its site, and is free to sign up and view great offers. It supports painters and processors and is an easy -to -use tool if you want to create your own NFT (also known as “minting”).

The market supports more than 150 different price tags, so the name of the platform is appropriate. To get acquainted with the NFT world, OpenSea is a good place to start.

2. Market Axie

Axie Marketplace is the online store for the Axie Infinity video game. Axies are characters that can be bought and trained and tied to the Axies of other players to earn rewards. In the Axie Marketplace, players can purchase new Axies, as well as global and more, such as NFT for in -game use.

Axie Infinity tokens (called Axie Shards) are built on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, it can be bought and sold in other NFT markets, as well as some cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase Global (NASDAQ: COIN).

3. Larva Labs/CryptoPunks

Larva Labs is known for its CryptoPunks NFT viral project. They were first released for free in 2017, but some CryptoPunks have sold for millions since then. Larva Labs has other graphic design projects such as Autoglyphs, as well as software development projects related to the Ethereum blockchain.

Larva Labs ’CryptoPunks NFTs are commercially available, but can be purchased and purchased from a variety of stores. However, Larva Labs ’various products need to be maintained – with Meebits, they can be purchased directly from the company’s built -in marketplace.

4. NBA Standard Market

NBA Top Shot is the National Basketball Association and the Women’s National Basketball Association that enters the NFT world. At its store, you can purchase time -collected (videos and highlights to play) as well as photos from the world’s top leagues.

The NBA was built as a substitute market (you can buy and sell at Top Shot) using the Flow blockchain developed by Dapper Labs. It is easy to sign up and shop directly on the Top Shot marketplace. Collection times can be purchased for a small fee.

5. Rarible

Rarible is a major marketplace for all NFT technologies, such as OpenSea. All kinds of images, videos, collections, and music can be bought, sold, or created. However, unlike OpenSea, you have to use the market’s own signature Rarible (CRYPTO: RARI) to buy and sell in the market. Rarible is based on the Ethereum blockchain (although images can be stored on OpenSea and using Rarible tokens).

The company has partnered with a number of well -known businesses. Yum! The torches(NYSE: YUM) Taco Bell posted pictures on Rarible, as well as footwear software Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) partnered with Rarible to help track the performance of NFT painters and manufacturers.

6. Kaaahi

Like Rarible, SuperRare is building a market for digital tools. The site contains images, videos, and 3D images, but collectors can purchase images using Ethereum.

SuperRare has also announced its own brand of the same name on the Ethereum blockchain. The awards will be used to find and record new talent for the market. Like Rarible, SuperRare NFTs can be bought and sold on OpenSea.

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7. Establishment

Foundation.app is designed to be a simple way, there is no way to choose from a photo gallery. Purchases are made using Ethereum. Since the market began in 2021, it has sold more than $ 100 million in NFTs.

The artists are sent to the site by the Foundation community, and customers need a crypto wallet with Ethereum to start shopping. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to start making your own NFTs, Foundation may not be the best place to start, but there are many graphic designs on the market that can be read at the simple form.

8. Windshield

Nifty Gateway has intensified the sale of some of the most popular graphic designers such as Beeple and singer / songwriter Grimes. An image training site powered by the crypto Gemini exchange (hosted by the Winklevoss twins). The NFTs, called Nifties, are built on Ethereum.

In addition to the curated site, Nifty Gateway also hosts purchased NFTs – which means that NFTs are not stored in your own pocket but are actually stored for you by Nifty Gateway and Gemini. While it doesn’t work for NFT collectors who want ease with their business investment, Nifty purchases and sales can be made in fiat currency (e.g., US dollars) without having to buy. prior to cryptocurrency.

9. It can work

Mitable, backed by billionaire Mark Cuban, hopes to become a broad market place like OpenSea. To be able to buy and sell NFTs on Mitable, you need Ethereum. The platform supports the mitting of NFTs for manufacturers of all types (from photographers to musicians) who want to sell their work as a digital asset.

The desired NFT collector or manufacturer must first purchase Ethereum from a crypto exchange, and then attach their wallet to Mintable to facilitate buying and selling in the marketplace.

10. Theta Drop

Theta is a blockchain platform built for decentralized distribution of video and TV online. The NFT market Theta Drop made its debut in 2021 with the digital collections of the World Poker Tour. The World Poker Tour is a first user of ThetaTV and uses the platform to stream information.

Theta uses its own blockchain technology. To enter the Theta Drop NFT market, you need to purchase Theta Token (CRYPTO: THETA). Binance supports various crypto exchanges, and tokens and NFTs purchased with them can be stored in a crypto wallet, as well as Theta’s own crypto wallet app.

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