1 Easy way to protect your Metaverse landscape

When you mow your lawn at this spring (because you are responsible for your neighbors, but partly because if you don’t, your landlord’s organization (HOA) will send you bad messages and thank you), take the time to appreciate that what the HOA is doing to help you protect your property. It gives you information about how your community is running, for example, and allows you to express your thoughts if something feels like an overreach, or a crime that becomes a problem. much closer to your home.

Many people are concerned about the same types of problems as their metaverse value. Who decides the way your metaverse threshold goes? What happens if the bad guys move on and start getting into trouble? In short: How do you defend your interest in the metaverse, and who is in charge of these?

For large sites that offer metaverse value backed by non-fungible signals (NFTs) that provide assurance of liability, the answer is simple. Your metaverse world has a HOA -like structure that gives you voting rights and a bigger voice in the future of your site. It’s called a decentralized organization (DAO), and it’s the best way for an investor to ensure that their metaverse assets are maintained for the long term.

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What is DAO?

A DAO is an organization that allows participants to access a variety of decentralized projects – for example, a metaverse platform or a popular NFT platform – and has full control over the future of that project. . As a member of a DAO, you have the option to vote based on your involvement in the program. You may have an NFT as a digital country, or you may hold a specific cryptocurrency.

In the case of the metaverse, DAO -led thresholds, e.g. Decentraland (MANA -4.84%), have regular city council meetings where landowners and global investors come together to discuss problems they are concerned about, propose new projects, or vote on new solutions or changes in the present laws. In many ways, it’s more like your HOA (less mowing).

How DAO protects metaverse assets

Buying land in the metaverse can be a very difficult purchase. It’s a land where you can’t touch, stand up, or visit the real world, not to mention most people don’t understand investing, so it’s really scary. Part of it is because of the innovation of the investment model; It is not a thing that is done before. Another thing, more often than not, investors pay little attention to how these worlds are driven and the nuts and bolts of everyday life of some kind or another. with the real world.

DAOs are not available on every metaverse platform, but those that do have DAOs provide more valuable information. Most metaverse platforms are just platforms that have properties to sell. You may be able to sell things, but you don’t have the right to sell them, or if you do, you have no control over what the owner of the platform thinks they want. change images or contact rules. with them.

With a DAO in place, however, you and other property owners decide on these (and more) things. You have an important role to play in the world, and you choose board members to make important decisions that will change that world.

Select metaverse worlds with DAO for long -term success

While Decentraland was the first to offer a DAO scheme to landowners, it wasn’t the only one who wanted it. The Sand Box (RULE) also at the start of a DAO, details are not available at this time. However, it probably follows something like Decentraland as an example, thinking it is a very good example.

The other worlds involved in the blockchain could follow this path, and of course, they should. Because they are built on a blockchain protocol, they can implement tools such as DAOs and decentralized management methods. This gives landowners in the developing world power and security over their property.

To get the best deal for your investment, choose a metaverse property in the worlds that gives you (and others) control over them using a DAO or other. Similar navigation device. Or, the land you get in virtual worlds is at the discretion of platform developers, they can really change everything overnight and without saying a word.

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